Dubai Association Conference 2022

Dubai Association Conference 2022: Post-event report OverviewThe third edition of the Dubai Association Conference was successfully organised on 21 February 2022 in the brand-new Dubai Exhibition Centre located on the Expo 2020 Dubai site. A total of 172 registered attendees from 14 countries, including 25 hosted association leaders from outside the Gulf region, attended an … Continued

Newsletter – December 2021

Wishing us all a genuinely “New Normal” for 2022 It’s been a hell of a last couple of years, obviously worse for some than others.  Many international associations’ members have been in the front-lines of the fight against COVID-19, all across the healthcare sector from epidemiology to cardiology to virology to physiotherapy to the many unsung heroes working in public health. … Continued

Global Association Hubs Newsletter – October 2021

(Re)Open(ing) for Association Business! At long last, there’s a mood of cautious optimism in the air!  I recently spoke with representatives from our partner cities Brussels, Dubai, Singapore and Washington DC, sharing updates on their local COVID19 situation and their plans for future (live face-to-face!) activities with our international association friends. In Brussels, any size of association conference … Continued

Perfect Partnerships – philosophy & practicalities for association success

European Association Summit 2021 Perfect Partnerships – philosophy & practicalities for association success Derived from education session designed & facilitated by Martin Sirk, International Advisor to Global Association Hubs This document is a practical, packed-with-ideas, long-term resource for any association that is planning to re-think its partnership strategy and philosophy. “Wisdom of Crowds” check-lists   The … Continued

Newsletter – May/June 2021

Food for Thought: Agility or Sociality? Let’s exploit associations’ natural advantages rather than mimicking corporate-world fads Global Association Hubs media partner Boardroom has just published our new article on the hot topic of “Agility”, a word whose meaning has morphed over the last decade from a general description of mental and operational nimbleness into a tech-world-originating business and project-development methodology, with its own … Continued

Singapore reimagines MICE

With over 60 events featuring more than 7,000 in-person delegates from Singapore and overseas, Singapore has undertaken one of the most extensive carefully-researched and evaluated event recovery programmes in the world, enabling them to be one of the first to reopen international meetings, step by cautious step! Please download this simple graphic to view the … Continued

Brussels Association Bureau goes digital

The successful online 2021 European Association Summit has accelerated Association Bureau’s move towards digitisation of all of its services for international associations, whether they are planning (virtual, hybrid or face-to-face) meetings or setting up offices or Europe-wide initiatives. Download the PPT for a short summary of some of their initiatives:

Roadmap2030 Chat Cafe

Everybody’s an Expert on Everything This was the title of an article appearing in Boardroom magazine in February 2021, written by Martin Sirk. As the first step in a partnership with Roadmap2030 and Boardroom, aiming to provide a platform for associations to hold deeper and longer conversations on the big issues affecting our sector’s future … Continued

Newsletter – Feb/March 2021

Food for Thought: Associations & the long war for truth It is frequently remarked that we have entered a post-truth era, a time when specialist expertise and scientific knowledge are increasingly under fire, whilst the ever-increasing complexity of every aspect of our society means that these attributes have become existentially necessary.  Global Association Hubs media partner Boardroom has just published our thoughts on … Continued

UIA 2020 data on International Association HQs

UIA 2020 data on International Association HQs The latest annual snapshot from the Union of International Associations on where international associations locate their HQs and regional offices has once again shown Brussels, Dubai, Singapore and Washington DC to be at the very top of their regional rankings, with each increasing their market share compared to 2019.  For the … Continued

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