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For general enquiries about Global Association Hubs or activities organised by the partnership, to discuss association-related strategic challenges or opportunities, or to receive our 6x yearly Newsletter, please contact:

Martin Sirk
International Advisor
+31 611 259229

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For enquiries on any association issue, including office set-up or relocation, related to Europe (Brussels), Middle East/Africa/South Asia (Dubai), Asia-Pacific (Singapore) or North America (Washington DC), please contact the appropriate Global Association Hubs Partner representative. is the city’s communication agency for tourism, culture, business events and association relations.

Elisabeth van Ingelgem

Director, Convention & Association Bureau

+32 2 5495051

Dubai Association Centre is the official agency for regional and international associations, offering strategic advice, registration and licensing as well as ultra-modern office facilities.

Karina Lance

Deputy Director, Dubai Dept of Economy & Tourism

+971 6005 55559

Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau promotes Singapore’s position as the leading business and association hub and business events destination in Asia- Pacific.

Edward Koh

Executive Director, SECB

+65 6831 3379

Destination DC markets and manages the city’s convention, tourism and special event business, including its role as North America’s leading association hub.

Melissa Riley

VP, Convention Sales & Services

+1 202 789 7041

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