Our partnership is built on a very simple proposition: that international associations are far more important than their conferences and conventions alone!

Virtually all cities around the world are aggressively chasing association meetings business, focusing either on bed-nights and delegate spending, or on wider economic impacts that derive directly from playing host.

We believe in a longer-term and more ambitious vision: that a dynamic, growing association community embedded deep within our cities is essential to build intellectual capital, to attract new investment and smart young people, to identify solutions to critical societal challenges, and to effectively connect our policymakers, business leaders, academic researchers, healthcare professionals and technology visionaries.  And, critically, to turn our cities into the primary communication and innovation hubs in the global networks that make up international association communities.

To gain these benefits, we aim to be the most committed and valued partners for our association friends, and to offer the most logical locations for HQ and regional offices, for planning regional activity programmes, and for identifying representatives and service suppliers.  We strive to understand association missions, challenges and mindsets, to become trusted sources of both strategic advice and practical solutions, and to offer the strongest association-relevant eco-systems of government institutions, agencies, companies and experts.

Global Association Hubs was born in 2015, bringing together the cities that are the undisputed leading international association specialists in each of our regions.  Brussels and Washington DC have held this position in Europe and the Americas for many decades; Singapore and Dubai are more recent arrivals, but have made long-term, strategic commitments to the association sector that have enabled them to stand out head and shoulders above regional rivals.

The Global Association Hubs partner organisations are:

visit.brussels Association Bureau
Dubai Association Centre
Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau
Washington DC
Destination DC

We collaborate and share knowledge with each other to constantly expand our understanding of association strategy and challenges, to create educational events and content, to further develop our advisory and support services, to connect associations with their peers in other regions, and to help advance the advocacy goals of the international association community.

We look forward to working with you!

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