Welcome to Washington DC

Washington is the world’s longest-established, largest and most active hub for associations serving every field of professional, trade and societal interest.  Associations are at the heart of the city’s long-term vision for its sustainable development, both by hosting their national and international meetings, and as the location for global and national HQs.

  • World’s most extensive association eco-system
  • Government advocacy hub – unmatched access to policymakers
  • Amongst the most highly-educated talent pools in USA
  • #2 ranked North American city for sustainability
  • National and global transportation hub
  • Dynamic centre for high-tech industries, research, and organizations
  • Unique cultural institutions and heritage sites

Destination DC markets the city for all visitor segments, including international association conventions, and assists such events to deliver the greatest possible societal and organisational impact.  The team can connect international associations with specialist companies, institutions and experts across the city’s unique association eco-system. 

For any association-related query about conventions or for advice on strategic opportunities or challenges, please contact our team.

Key association-relevant economic sectors:

Key DC-based organisations:
ASAE – American Society of Association Executives
AMC-Institute (organisation serving Association Management Companies)
Healthcare Leadership Council (comprises CEO’s from all medical disciplines)

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