GAHP was proud to be a partner in the successful 2019 EAS

Participants enjoyed exchanging with our global panel and learning about their respective growth strategies and business models

Within today’s competitive landscape, serving and providing value to association members and the community is essential if you are to successfully grow your share of the market, both regionally and internationally.  Similar to the private sector, there is an apparent need for associations to constantly adapt in order to meet the needs of an increasingly informed and ambitious market.  But with limited human capital and financial resources, traditional business models, and identifying opportunities for alternative revenue streams, how can you manage the risks, activities, and transitions when moving into new markets? A clear growth strategy, due diligence, creating successful partnerships or coalitions, and becoming adaptive to change are just some of the ways to turn the challenge into an opportunity…

The members of the global panel powered by GAHP were Belinda Chng, Director, Policy and Programs, Milken Institute Asia Centre, Singapore; Matthew D’Uva, Executive Director, International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), Washington DC; and Mohamed Mezghani, Secretary General, Union of International Public Transport (UITP), Brussels and Ambassador, Dubai Association Centre

The panel was co-moderated by Alfons Westgeest, Managing Partner, Kellen and Hervé Bosquet, International Advisor, GAHP

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