Conference papers: European Association Summit, Brussels; March 2020

EAS was possibly the last international association conference to take place before the world entered our Covid-19 intense lock-down phase, and it’s astounding to reflect back on our thought processes at that time!  With 20-20 hindsight, our simple “no handshakes, no social kissing” rules of engagement sound very naïve, but that was we all believed were sensible precautions.  We are all now significantly older and wiser, and it is unimaginable that our meetings will look like this again, at least for the next year or so!

Having said that, EAS was a great success, with extremely positive feedback on the wide-ranging education programme and networking opportunities.
All the EAS presentations and supporting materials can be found here.

Topics included:

Strategies for stable growth

Global Association Hubs organised a “wisdom of crowds” interactive workshop on “Designing the Perfect Partnership Model (for your association)”, which produced the following comprehensive check-list of potential projects or objectives that be addressed using partnership concepts; potential, sometimes surprising partners; value offerings that can be exploited by both your association and your partners; and constraints that prevent partnerships from succeeding.

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