Global Environmental Scan of the Association Strategy Environment

As the world in which we live and work continues to change at an ever-increasing pace, it’s more important than ever to inform association decisions and strategy with the most relevant, up-to-date, and objective information available.

Now in its 8th year, Association Laboratory’s Looking Forward™ series is the longest-running and most comprehensive association industry environmental scan.

Each year, the study asks hundreds of senior association executives – representing dozens of industries and thousands of individual members and member companies – about the factors affecting association members and the effect of these factors on association strategy.

This year the study builds on past years, identifying influential factors and their strategy implications in five key areas of the association environment:
Economic Factors identified as having substantial impact on the industry and professional structure of association members.
Information & Technology Factors identified as having substantial impact on the technology and communications underpinning industry and professional activity.
Workforce Factors identified as having substantial impact on the movement, use, and competencies of individuals.
Government Factors identified as having substantial impact on the relationship between association members and local, state, and federal governments.
Global Factors identified as having substantial impact on relationships between individuals, companies, and governments across international boundaries.

Some of the implications of the global factors on their association strategy, as seen by CEO respondents who identified their association as international or global:

  • 72% – concerned about developing successful global partnerships or coalitions
  • 65% – concerned about developing local delivery mechanisms for the association’s value proposition outside the US.
  • 65% – concerned about creating and sustaining profitable global products and services.

GAHP is a proud partner of Association Laboratory, Inc.

Download the Executive Summary Whitepaper.

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