WHY WASHINGTON DC IS MORE THAN A POLITICAL GATEWAY – Interview Elliott Ferguson, President and CEO, Destination DC

As home to the federal government of the most powerful country on the planet, Elliott Ferguson (President and CEO of Destination DC) confirms that policy relating to regulation of pharmaceutical and other knowledge-based sectors are determined by think-tanks and other quangos based in the US capital. This presents a unique opportunity for businesses and institutions requiring access to government and regulatory communities – especially international associations – and makes for an attractive place within which to base an organisational type.

Indeed at IMEX America 2015, Ferguson and fellow convention bureau chiefs from Brussels, Singapore and Dubai announced the launch of the Global Association Hubs Partnership – an initiative which supports the headquartering, or regional headquartering,  of international associations in cities where political influence and industry regulation is determined.

But is there more to DC than access to power, influence, meetings infrastructure, and international connectivity?

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