Hervé Bosquet says farewell – Martin Sirk to lead GAHP

Martin Sirk, Incoming International Advisor of Global Association Hubs Partnership

“I’m absolutely delighted and honoured to be taking on this strategic role with GAHP, having been a huge fan of the concept since its original conception, and having followed closely the great work that the partners have undertaken over GAHP’s first three years. 

 My intention is to creatively build on this solid foundation to ensure that any international association will always think of Brussels, Dubai, Singapore and Washington DC as their natural destination partners in achieving their global business and societal objectives.”

Hervé Bosquet, Outgoing GAHP International Advisor:

“Since the launch of GAHP we have been fortunate to rely on the advice and support of many international association executives. Their presence in our partner hubs and their testimonials of how valuable our partnership has been in the process of internationalizing their activities make me immensely proud of what we have been able to achieve in GAHP during these first few years.

 It has been a privilege to work closely together with the GAHP partners and I thank them for their efforts and support, individually and as one team. I wish them and Martin Sirk all the very best in furthering GAHP’s mission, vision and strategy in the years ahead. Martin was one of GAHP’s early supporters and I trust the partnership will continue to thrive under his guidance”.


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