Boardroom and Global Association Hubs Partnership Sign Partnership Agreement

The editorial staff of Boardroom, under the guidance of Chief Editor Remi Deve, has been selected by the board of the Global Association Hubs Partnership (GAHP) to provide content-driven communication messages about the alliance, which comes as an innovative response to the increasing decentralization of international associations, as they look to develop their activities globally. The contract was signed at the European Association Summit (EAS) in Brussels this month (see picture).


Hervé Bosquet, international advisor for GAHP, says that the alliance is very pleased with the collaboration as they believe that Boardroom staff will deliver high-quality articles that will help them communicate about how GAHP can support the membership of associations in the different regions of the world, and build capacity in these regions, while capitalizing on the potential of each of them.

This will be done through case studies of international associations that have made the first steps to grow globally.  In 2018 four articles will be published, each highlighting the strategy of different associations.

GAHP, which celebrated its second anniversary last year, counts four member-cities: Brussels, Dubai, Singapore and Washington, DC. Together, they are home to 9.6 per cent of association headquarters and regional offices.

Remi Deve says: ‘We’re delighted to be partnering with the Global Association Hubs Partnership, who only counts leading destinations that can help associations grow. It’s our hope that this collaboration will help associations see what they can benefit from such a partnership. In today’s ever-competitive environment, growing globally is not only a recommendation, it’s a necessity. That’s how association professionals can make their organisation sustainable and durable.’

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