Cookies Policy

This Cookie Policy describes the different types of cookies that are commonly used on websites, and how you can manage these cookies. At the current time Global Association Hubs website does not use any of these types of cookies.

Global Association Hubs applies a strict privacy policy and is committed to being transparent vis-à-vis the technologies used on the Website.

To the extent that the collected information using cookies are personal data, the provisions of the Privacy Policy apply and complete the Cookie Policy. 

Should the website be redesigned or upgraded at some future date to include the use of cookies, this will be clearly stated in this policy statement.


A “cookie” is a small text file containing information saved by a website on the computer of a user (hereinafter the “User”). Cookies allow the website to recognize you and store important information for the purpose of facilitating navigation on the website, ensuring its proper functioning and / or making it more efficient, for example by saving your preferences.


Global Association Hubs does not currently use cookies, but may at some future date decide to introduce their use in one or more of the following categories. Should this be done, the sections will be updated appropriately.


These cookies are essential for navigation on the Website or strictly necessary for the provision of a service expressly requested by the User.

Deleting this type of cookie can lead to navigation problems and is therefore strongly discouraged.

Global Association Hubs’ website has been designed specifically to avoid the need for such cookies.


These cookies collect information about your choices and preferences and make your navigation more enjoyable and personalized. These cookies make it possible to save choices in order to personalize the Website accordingly.  Global Association Hubs does not use Preference Cookies on this website.


These cookies are used to gather information about your use of the Website in order to improve its content, to make it more adapted to the needs of the Users and to increase its ease of use. For example, these cookies show the most visited pages of the Website or help to identify the difficulties that may be encountered during navigation.  

Global Association Hubs uses a simple analytics plug-in programme to capture aggregate statistics on unique visitors and page views, without utilising cookies.


Global Association Hubs website contains no paid advertising by third parties, and therefore does not incorporate third-party advertisers’ cookies. Links to business partner websites are simple hyperlinks and also do not involve the use of cookies.

This type of cookie is frequently used when sharing the content of the Website with other people via social networks. Some share buttons can in theory be integrated via third-party applications that can issue such cookies. All links to social media companies on Global Association Hubs website have been designed to not incorporate such cookies.


How to remove or disable cookies?

You may remove, disable or accept website cookies at any time by configuring your browser settings.

To learn how to delete, disable, or accept cookies, check your browser provider’s website via the help screen.

To learn more about cookie management, visit the website

Will the Website still function if I delete or disable cookies?

Because the Global Association Hubs website does not incorporate cookies, there will be no change in your experience in using this site. However, changing cookie settings will impact your experience of using other websites.

Other questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact Global Association Hubs  by email at: 

Or by mail to the following mailing address: 

Global Association Hubs; c/o Sirk Serendipity; Palestrinastraat 13 II, 1071LC Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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